Taking care of the land that takes care of us.

Sustainable Practices, from the Ground Up

在Simplot, 成为土地的好管家不仅仅是我们业务的核心——这只是我们应该做的正确的事情. 可持续的土地利用和自然资源保护对于满足当今不断增长的人口和子孙后代的全球粮食需求至关重要.

我们的故事从土壤健康和养分管理开始:照顾养活我们的土地. As a company founded on potato production, we continually strive to find new ways of growing better food. Whether we use the land for agriculture or mining, we take enhanced measures for reclamation and conservation as we work.


Soil 健康 and Nutrient Stewardship


Advance Best Practices through 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship

Simplot supports and participates in the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program. 该项目推广减少土壤养分流失的最佳做法,旨在提高效率,同时加强环境保护和可持续发展工作. It’s an approach that encourages the use of the right fertilizer source, 以合适的速度, 在适当的时候, 在正确的地方.

The 4Rs framework helps us maximize production while respecting our resources. 例如, 位于华盛顿哥伦比亚河流域的Simplot Grandview农场表明,目前的养分施用比10年前至少提高了15%的效率, with improved yield and quality. We are proud to be recognized as a 4 r倡导者

Build Soil 健康 Research Partnerships

Through collaboration with other industry leaders, Simplot helped establish a Distinguished Endowed Chair in 土壤健康 for potato cropping systems at Washington State University. This position will direct research into healthier, more productive soils for the potato industry, 解决需要更多地了解微生物和土壤的物理性质如何影响马铃薯健康, 质量和产量.

Simplot还通过与明尼苏达大学的特种作物研究倡议(SCRI)赠款参与了马铃薯土壤健康项目. 该项目的总体目标是确定如何最好地衡量马铃薯种植系统的土壤健康, identify the tools (cover crops, 土壤改良剂, rotation schemes) that best enhance both 土壤健康 and tuber production, and communicate the findings to potato growers.



We continuously strive to improve potato sustainability through agronomic, 土壤健康, and a variety of research and best practice implementation.

Innovate New Potato Varieties for the Environment

We invest in potato research and development to minimize disease, 提高产量, 减少农药, enhance safety and provide more environmental sustainability. 我们这样做的一个方法是通过我们的各种研究和开发,包括 先天®技术. 先天马铃薯通过增强性状,如减少黑斑挫伤,为马铃薯产业提供了显著的十大赌博靠谱信誉平台优势, meaning fewer potatoes are rejected by packers, processors and consumers leading to less waste. With a reduction in blackspot bruise defects, fewer resources can be used to achieve the same yield, 这意味着农民产生更少的二氧化碳排放,同时使用更少的水和杀虫剂. Our conventional variety research and development also looks for the best tasting, most efficient and resilient potato our customers expect.

Partner in the 马铃薯十大赌博靠谱信誉平台 Alliance (PSA)

Simplot is a founding member of the PSA, 与600多名种植者合作,采用全价值链方法实现可持续发展, while fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry. PSA implements an on-farm sustainability framework, 哪些解决了可由种植者在农场独立解决的十大赌博靠谱信誉平台问题. PSA还开发了十大赌博靠谱信誉平台评估工具,用于测量温室气体排放, 灌溉效率, 水的质量, 土壤健康, integrated pest management and farmer prosperity.

根据PSA, “When you eat a sustainable potato, 你是在支持一个农民和整个社区,支持他们对环境保护的承诺.”



As a vertically integrated company, Simplot has a part in every aspect of food production, 从给我们提供磷矿用来为我们的作物生产肥料的矿山到你餐盘上的食物. We will continue to invest in the study, technologies and best practices for land restoration and reclamation.

Integrate Concurrent  Reclamation

土地复垦与采矿过程同时进行:作为一个区域被积极开采, the previously mined area is reclaimed. Reclaiming mined land with the required mitigations, 回收的表土和原生植物符合Simplot尊重资源的核心价值. 我们决心尽快将我们的公共土地恢复到正常的栖息地,为当地的野生动物和未来的娱乐提供机会. We contribute information to the annual sustainability report for our industry: 矿业 the Essentials: Essential nutrients to feed the world.

Monitor and Manage for Reclamation Success at Smoky Canyon

在我们的Smoky Canyon矿山,Simplot严格遵循美国联邦调查局制定的现场特定批准要求.S. Federal government agencies such as the Bureau of 土地 Management and the U.S. 林务局. These agencies require Simplot to reclaim mining areas as we go, placing protective soil covers and planting vegetation. 我们还通过加强矿区及其周围的栖息地来减少对土地的干扰. Beyond those baseline regulatory requirements, Simplot进行了额外的工作,以确保土壤和植被覆盖系统能够按计划开垦土地, 在采矿期间和采矿后实施详细的环境调查和强有力的监测计划. 这一过程有助于解决和减少对野生动物等重要资源的潜在风险, 渔业, 栖息地, and ground and surface water.

Restore the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River – for Fish and for History

In 2017, representatives from the J.R. Simplot公司 and other organizations received the U.S. 林务局’s highest honor – the Chiefs Honor Award. 该奖项旨在表彰一项为期五年的合作努力,旨在恢复爱达荷州东部鲑鱼河洋基叉的水道和鱼类栖息地. 我们还致力于解决历史采矿作业的影响,并得到了美国环境保护署的认可.S. 林务局.





在美国的合伙人.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

Simplot is proud to be a member of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Promote Cover Crops and Provide for Pollinators

Simplot有几种产品可以保持土壤健康并促进传粉媒介的存在. Simplot为恢复养分的覆盖作物提供种子,帮助种植者使用更少的肥料,同时减少侵蚀和土壤流失. Simplot的传粉器混合物已在南加州的酿酒厂使用,用于为当地植物授粉,同时鼓励客户和游客留下来享受野生动物.

Simplot is a member of the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC). CTIC使用一种名为OpTIS(操作耕作信息系统)的工具,该工具使用卫星图像来调查保护性耕作和覆盖作物的利用情况. This information allows us to see how cover crops are being used in the field.


Encourage Climate Learning and Resilience

作为 酷农场联盟, we celebrate its multi-stakeholder, 科学的方法为可持续农业指标和使用提供行业平台. By providing a common platform, 世界各地的种植者都可以更多地了解他们在地球气候中所扮演的角色. As a company that touches every part of the agriculture and food supply, Simplot is uniquely positioned to act where it matters most. 我们加入了酷农场联盟,以帮助量化和集中这些行动点.


4Sight 2030目标


我们的商业惯例, 产品和服务有助于带来经济价值,维持我们的农业社区和土地. 
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